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Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world (and the second-oldest in continuous operation on the planet), Oxford is more than a celebrated microcosm of academic scholarship: there's the splendid architecture, hefty literary heritage, and plenty more to fill an eventful few days.

The City

Oxford was known as "Oxenaforda" in the early times. It means "Ford of the Oxen", where fords were utilised by the people to walk or drive across the river or stream. Oxford also became a significant location for military frontier between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex. The achievement of Oxford was enhanced by a charter granted by King Henry II. It grants its citizens the same privileges, exemptions and important religious houses as those enjoyed by the citizens at the capital of the kingdom. To date, Oxford city is a bustling cosmopolitan town where ancient University still rises as its attractions. The city offers a wide range of guest houses, hotels, apartments and self-catering accommodations for its tourists and residents. Oxford is also now a growing hi-tech community where many businesses are established. Take time to find the right place for you whether for dining, chilling out or taking a rest. This city definitely has something for everyone.

Do & See

Whether it is day or night, there are always activities to suit everyone and every kind of budget from the city of Oxford to the wondrous countryside of Oxfordshire. Things to do in Oxfordshire offer many choices like cycling, sailing, country walks, or even punting. Explore the famous TV and film locations and follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter with an experience of magic! With all these options, you will definitely enjoy many activities and tourist attractions in Oxford and surrounding areas.


Oxford dining means wide variety of great food. The city's fine dining are suitable for event and marquee caterers for weddings, dinners and banquets. Whether you live in Oxford or are just visiting, you can surely discover a big array of culinary delights this city offers and will be amused of your gastronomic experiences.


Being a University city and cafés are often a big part of a student’s life there is no wonder the coffee scene in Oxford has really blossomed. Each café in this city has its own unique way of entertaining and pleasing their guests. With the plethora of establishments on offer it is guaranteed that there will be something to suit your taste and kind of genre.

Bars & Nightlife

Oxford is a buzzing city of bars and nightclubs thanks to the vibrant student life. If you are looking for a place to have a beer or go out dancing, the city can offer you a wide selection of its best bars. The area around the Cowley Road is diverse and lively where many students like to meet up and where you will find lots of pubs and live music venues. North-west of the centre, a part called Jericho, is famous for its cocktail bars and high-end restaurants and is definitely worth a visit. Another street which is lined up with pubs and restaurants is the George Street, in the centre of the town.


Planning for spree shopping or just wanting to stroll and gaze at some things that might catch your attention? Then there will definitely be something for you in Oxford. Head over to the two malls "The Clarendon Centre" and the "Westgate Centre" or go to the Cornmarket and Queen Street for usual clothing stores, jewellery, electrical goods chains, pharmacies and coffee shops. If high-end store and antiques are something you are looking for, pay a visit to the High Street. Make sure to explore outside the city centre and you will find that the different areas of Oxford have their own character and each offers a unique shopping experience. From huge shopping centres to simple gift shops, this city can offer anything you need and want.

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