The Worlds 12 Best Beaches for Spotting Wildlife

These idyllic getaways are home to some of the earth’s most iconic mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Long before the days of surfing and sunbathing, the earth’s beaches spent millennia playing host to a spectacular array of flora and fauna—and in the modern era, there’s still a cornucopia of pristine beaches that hold untold wonders within the realm of biodiversity. Whether you’re searching for native lizards, hoping to spot a big cat in the flesh, or aiming for a new lifer to add to eBird, these gorgeous destinations are a dream come true for all variety of nature lovers—so as you gear up for your next vacation, be sure to pack your snorkels, cameras, and binoculars as you prepare to explore these spectacular natural wonders.

Worse Than Sharks: Read This and You’ll Never Want to Swim in the Ocean Again

You might want to stay out of the water.

It’s common knowledge that the real The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen is super messed up. There’s pedophilia, slavery, and casual talk of bathing in warm blood, to name a few examples. But Denmark has nothing compared to other scary stories of merfolk and sea creatures from around the world. There are some seriously terrifying myths and folklore out there with oddly specific details like storing your soul in a teapot. And if I ever go swimming in Japan, I’ll always keep one hand covering my butt. Here are the weirdest, most horrifying tales from the water. Related: This Tiny Island in Maine Is One Horror Story After the Next

10 Most Historic Hotel Pools Around the World

Tap into decades past by swimming at these stunning pools housed within historic hotels.

There’s nothing quite like staying at a historic hotel that is rich with history, especially when that hotel has a pool. Public hotel pools are generally a modern innovation, but there are a few iconic ones that have been delighting travelers for generations—from the storied oceanfront saltwater pool at a seaside resort in France to a quirky tiki den atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill. Wherever the pool is located, they all share one thing in common: they’re delightful places to relax and reminisce about years gone.

13 Floating Homes and Houseboats You Can Rent for Your Vacation

Dreaming of a stay on the water?

What’s better than an ocean, lake, or riverfront view? How about a view from ON the ocean, lake, or river? These 13 “decked out” floating homes and houseboats across America play host to guests looking for a true waterfront. From Florida to California, these are the best floating homes to rent and book a night’s stay.

Pickpockets Are Most Likely to Rob You at These 10 Tourist Attractions

The problem persists in European cities.

Tourists can become easy targets. Once you make an impression that you’re not a local, the prices inflate, and you’re suddenly paying more for taxis and products in shops. But it goes further than rip-offs, and one of the most common problems you’ll face, especially in crowded tourist places, is pickpocketing.  According to a study by price comparison website, the top 10 places for pickpockets are all in Europe. The study analyzes TripAdvisor reviews for popular attractions as well as transport stations around the world.  Europe dominates the list with the most pickpocket complaints overall and also takes the lead in the highest percent of pickpockets mentioned in the reviews. The only non-European destination is Colon Street in the Philippines, with 11.65% of reviews mentioning thievery.

Arrrr, Matey! 10 Destinations That Be Rich in Pirate History

For centuries, swashbuckling buccaneers ruled the seven seas, leaving many stories in their wake.

Everyone loves a good pirate story. They’ve all got swashbuckling action, Robin Hood-like themes, and the freedom that comes with imagining a life on the high seas. However, pirates—or privateers, as many were called—were very real and not always so heroic. Many roamed the waters of the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico during the golden age of piracy in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Hints of those pirates remain etched into landscapes even now—you just have to know where to look. Here’s our guide to 10 travel destinations that are rich in pirate history.