Beyond Sunscreen: 8 Things to Equip Yourself in the Battle Against the Sun’s Relentless Rays

  • Beyond Sunscreen: 8 Things to Equip Yourself in the Battle Against the Sun’s Relentless Rays

    You remembered your sunscreen, but what else should you have in your sun-protection arsenal?

    We all know that, at this point, sunscreen is as essential to your day-in, day-out skincare routine as cleanser and moisturizer. So let’s presume that if you’re planning to spend a day hiking, sunbathing, or just spending any time outdoors that you’ve got the sunscreen thing figured out. But why stop at a swipe or two of Coppertone? There’s a whole slew of items that are worth having in your anti-sun arsenal. So no matter what form your sun-worshipping takes, you can make sure you and your skin are well protected.

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  • Parasol

    Umbrellas—they’re not just for inclement weather! A lightweight parasol is all you need to keep the sun from breathing down your neck no matter where you’re going. A paper parasol in particular is lightweight and easy to carry and comes in a variety of colors and designs.


  • Neckerchief/Bandana

    Not a neckerchief person? Get ready to channel you’re inner Sam Neill in Jurassic Park because you’re about to be. We spend so much time thinking about our faces and limbs that it’s easy to forget the places you don’t look at, like the back of your neck. So whether you’re going to be on the trail in the wilderness or just walking around your neighborhood, complete your outfit with a neckerchief or a bandana .


  • Wide Brimmed Hat

    To paraphrase a certain hair-related idiom, “the wider the brim, the closer to God.” Baseball hats will certainly do the trick, especially if you’re going to be doing something more physical and will want to make sure it stays put. But if you’re having a more leisurely time in the sun, why not opt for a hat with a particularly wide brim and maximize the amount of the sun’s rays you’re blocking.

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  • Kaftan

    The kaftan occupies a similar space in your anti-sun arsenal as the long sleeve linen shirt, but it’s for your whole body. If your day in the sun is of the more lounge-y, stroll-y variety, you’d do very well to make sure you’re covered from clavicle to toe while still getting plenty of cooling air to keep you from overheating. Just throw on a kaftan and you’ll be easy, breezy, and covered.


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